First up-flaky love stories! These are for you, Mom. ­čśë I recently sat down and read this adorable beginning to the “More Than…” series Christine DePetrillo┬áseems to have started. Although I’ve read several, I will review the beginnings of series, and if you love the idea, you can check out the following books.

When Lily Hinsdale’s grandmother passes away, she mentions the beautiful Vermont property she has no attachment to-to her boss. Which is all well and good when your boss is a disinterested party, but now, as a resort designer-her new mission is to visit the land, purchase the property next to it, and design a beautiful mountain resort.

When she gets there, the hang-up to her big plans is a reclusive maple farmer whose property she wants to purchase with his maple business. Trees and all. As she gets to know the area and people (a charming set of sarcastic cousins make this story easy to read) she thinks she may be more attached to the place than she wants to be, and feels the pressure from both her new-found friends, and her business.

Both main characters have baggage, and hidden talents, and for a syrupy romance, this fits the bill.┬áRated a 3.84 on Goodreads, this is a self-published work with a few editing needs-but overall, I liked the series. It’s free for e-book owners, both on nook, and kindle.