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My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers-EXCELLENT daily devotional. I think by this time, most people should have copies, and if you want, you can read through it with me! Oswald Chambers is an incredible author. The pages are so short, but so full of phrases that capture your attention, and continue to stick with you.

The Nazi Doctors by Robert J. Lifton– I started this book when I was phone-sitting in my COL’s office several years ago. Being a family practice doctor-I asked him how he came to read the book, and he said it was one he’d kept from college and reread periodically, as WWII was one of his favorite eras. He leant it to me, and I read the first part before returning it (it’s not very fast-paced, and I didn’t want to keep it forever). The thought stuck with me however, and I tracked it down and began reading it again.
It’s a book about a man who in the 70’s went back to revisit the Holocaust doctors and what they said/thought of their work upon years of reflection. It’s interesting to see how the doctors thought about what they did. Half of them still believe they did a favor for society, and the other half just wanted to talk-to justify their actions. It’s worth a read, if you’ve got the time.

Six Years by Harlen Coben-I read the back of this in WalGreens, and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s about a man who gives up his first love at her own wedding, making him promise to not contact her again. Years later, he sees her husband’s obituary in the papers, and goes to his funeral only to discover…. *drum roll* She’s not the wife.
It only took me the evening to sit down and read this cover to cover. Very fast-paced and a good time killer if you’ve got a long flight coming up.

French Pressed by Cleo Coyle– This is part of the CUTEST coffee shop mystery series ever. This one is about the 6th one in, and I can’t get enough of them. Also very fast paced and relatively short, if you’re interested.

Stash Tea Lemon and White Decaf Tea-nice, light lemon-y tea. I highly suggest it (hot or cold) for all the spring/summer festivities!

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