Well, I wish I could say our weekend was filled with fireworks and BBQ’s, but it ended up being more than that! We took the truck, threw camping gear and a change of clothes in the back and took a road trip down to Seward. We did no research beforehand, much to our dismay, but ended up having an excellent time anyway.


This was taken about halfway around Turnagain Arm, a windy road that follows the Cook Inlet leading around to the Kenai Peninsula.  It’s listen on several lists as one of the most beautiful drives in America, and I would have to agree.


We took the 3hr drive to Seward, and found where the Alaska Railroad starts, and also where several cruise ships live. Also happening in this salty sea town was the Mt. Marathon Race. Traffic was horrible, and we saw several muddy people wearing race numbers walking around in our slow-as-molasses drive down the main road of the city. The Seward website claims it goes from pop. 2,400 to 30,000, so I snapped a picture of this Restaurant and  a ship from Traffic since we didn’t want to stop and get out-it could have gotten crazy trying to get back in! So we headed back out of town once we heard we had missed the fireworks (they had gone off at 0001 that morning).


(That bus is labeled “Red’s Outdoor Seating,” btw!)



(Princess Cruise lines ship)


We then drove to FOUR campgrounds in the area that were COMPLETELY full, and ended up finding a nice area off road somewhere.

We weren’t the only ones in this large area either, there were tents and campers all around. Figuring in case of emergency at least we didn’t have to collapse tents or pull in a camper, we would be able to escape before the others.



This was our little campsite, and I had planned on taking more pictures of our setup (it really was ingenious- you’ll just have to believe me) but I thought I could get a few in the morning, and that didn’t happen with my low camera battery. The only thing I would have done differently would be to bring another heavy blanket to sleep on top of. I forgot how air mattress never get warm, the air in them just gets cold like everything else does in the night. I brought my eye mask and Brad pulled a beanie down over his eyes, as it’s still pretty light out 24/7 up here, and it worked beautifully! We blew our queen sized air mattress that Mom gave us for the ferry ride up here, and slept like royalty!

Another weird mention: these wipes. If you’re looking for wipes that don’t burn your eyes out, these are it. They also were EXTREMELY nice for freshening up after a night out in the great outdoors. You know how your body gets almost sweaty at night to help you stay warm while camping? That’s my least favorite part. But these saved the day!


Also, there is nothing more beautiful than the evening/morning summer mist of Alaska. Of course, I haven’t seen the Northern Lights yet, but I will this winter! Now that we’ve worked out all the kinks on this short trip, I imagine we’ll be doing this more often. I can’t wait!