The Jerk Line   “The Jerk Line” C. M. Russell 1870h   “Fireboat” C. M. Russell The hold up     “The Holdup” C. M. Russell

When we were in Great Falls, MT, I got the pleasure of seeing the C. M. Russell Museum.  I hadn’t heard of him at all, but quickly found his works to be beautiful. Now, I’m not much of a western lover by any means, guns and horses just aren’t my thing. I prefer to educate myself about the early American industrial age, riverboats, steam engines, cotton gin, that sort of thing. But the life he brought to an almost untouched land, with a noble people who lived lightly off it, or maybe even in conjunction with it, was fascinating. Here is an excerpt of his life: (From the C.M. Russell Museum website) This was one of the most interesting museums I’d come across. Great Falls is a beautiful place in general. Nicknamed the “Electric City” originally for the five hydroelectric dams located there (still there, btw), also known as the five “great falls” Merriweather Lewis and William Clark navigated around during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Russell’s Studio, located in rear of CMR Museum.

All in all, this was such a wonderful experience! I really think anyone appreciating American history and art lovers alike would really love this place.