Some of you may have heard of this book, or seen it on the shelves the past decade or so, and I remember trying to read this when I was in High School.


Obviously, I didn’t get far. The first task is to draw a face, and it invites you to try to draw yours. I tried… and am ashamed… So here is the picture of my chair, of which I am proud of.

I’m resolving to be a better communicator, and being a visual person myself, I feel being able to really sketch, draw, or write things out helps me collect and focus. I’d also like to be able to draw something when my kids ask me to someday. You know how they come up to you and ask if you can draw something so they can color it? Oh, ya. It rocked. My dad was the best artist!

As I go through this book, I invite you to as well. I’m going to do a little bit every day, and share periodically what I’ve drawn. You don’t have to go at the same pace, or even this year, but as aspects of it are used in all kinds of seminars, I think it’s a worthwhile thing do do and keep your mind and fingers busy.

Feel free to share yours with me!