Well, I have finally unpacked my luggage, so it’s about time to get back to this lil’ baby of mine, right? I thought so too.


Now that I’m back and running, it’s work, food, sleep, puppies! All day, everyday, that’s how we do! Work has been a little more hectic than usual, and I think it’s just because of how awesome vacation was, so our lives just don’t measure up to the constant activity of being with and enjoying family and friends.

My little sister got married, we went to West Glacier, MT, and so much happened! I with I could just keep up with it all. I took my camera with me for the express purpose of blogging, and was just so busy, I didn’t find time to keep up with it. I did manage, however to snag these little fossil beauties at a local thrift store for…. wait for it… $16.00 total! Woo Hoo!


So: some quick favorites!

This book .

This post (it’s about hair! Really easy beachy waves, to be specific).

This travel pillow for flying.

This park.

These jeans.


Happy Wednesday!