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Month: June 2014

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Some of you may have heard of this book, or seen it on the shelves the past decade or so, and I remember trying to read this when I was in High School.


Obviously, I didn’t get far. The first task is to draw a face, and it invites you to try to draw yours. I tried… and am ashamed… So here is the picture of my chair, of which I am proud of.

I’m resolving to be a better communicator, and being a visual person myself, I feel being able to really sketch, draw, or write things out helps me collect and focus. I’d also like to be able to draw something when my kids ask me to someday. You know how they come up to you and ask if you can draw something so they can color it? Oh, ya. It rocked. My dad was the best artist!

As I go through this book, I invite you to as well. I’m going to do a little bit every day, and share periodically what I’ve drawn. You don’t have to go at the same pace, or even this year, but as aspects of it are used in all kinds of seminars, I think it’s a worthwhile thing do do and keep your mind and fingers busy.

Feel free to share yours with me!

Jouer Cosmetics


I have to talk about something. Because, you know… I just want to help another girl out. This company has turned my makeup routine into like, 5 minutes. It’s sooooo easy. All the colors multitask, and guess what else? They SNAP TOGETHER. LIKE LEGOS. BUT FOR MAKEUP.

They’re also very sheer, wearable shades, so you don’t have to worry about caking it on, or looking too overdone. I love this brand! Very compact, and if you want to slide off the powder to keep in your purse with a cute little brush, you can do that very easily. I’ve been very impressed with how easy these are to use.

I like to snap some of the littles back to back, so here’s what I have in my purse right now!

Jouer Age Repairing Concealer in 3.5 Neutral

Jouer Highlighter in Camilla

Jouer Lip and Cheek Tint in Petal

Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Almond


I’ve also noticed the concealer can be used over powder for touchups, the highlighter can be used as eyeshadow very nicely, the tints aren’t really long-wearing, but they’re not overly drying like some are, either. The eyeshadow is a BEAUTIFUL matte shade that works in the crease or as a blending shade, so you can still use to tone down or blend out some other colors. I use the almond shade as a bronzer for my face as well.

I HIGHLY recommend this brand to people unfamiliar with makeup, but still want to look naturally a little prettier. But for those of us who like makeup, this is perfect every-day material.

Hope this helps!

C.M. Russell

The Jerk Line   “The Jerk Line” C. M. Russell 1870h   “Fireboat” C. M. Russell The hold up     “The Holdup” C. M. Russell

When we were in Great Falls, MT, I got the pleasure of seeing the C. M. Russell Museum.  I hadn’t heard of him at all, but quickly found his works to be beautiful. Now, I’m not much of a western lover by any means, guns and horses just aren’t my thing. I prefer to educate myself about the early American industrial age, riverboats, steam engines, cotton gin, that sort of thing. But the life he brought to an almost untouched land, with a noble people who lived lightly off it, or maybe even in conjunction with it, was fascinating. Here is an excerpt of his life: (From the C.M. Russell Museum website) This was one of the most interesting museums I’d come across. Great Falls is a beautiful place in general. Nicknamed the “Electric City” originally for the five hydroelectric dams located there (still there, btw), also known as the five “great falls” Merriweather Lewis and William Clark navigated around during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Russell’s Studio, located in rear of CMR Museum.

All in all, this was such a wonderful experience! I really think anyone appreciating American history and art lovers alike would really love this place.

Life Update: It’s been too long!

Well, I have finally unpacked my luggage, so it’s about time to get back to this lil’ baby of mine, right? I thought so too.


Now that I’m back and running, it’s work, food, sleep, puppies! All day, everyday, that’s how we do! Work has been a little more hectic than usual, and I think it’s just because of how awesome vacation was, so our lives just don’t measure up to the constant activity of being with and enjoying family and friends.

My little sister got married, we went to West Glacier, MT, and so much happened! I with I could just keep up with it all. I took my camera with me for the express purpose of blogging, and was just so busy, I didn’t find time to keep up with it. I did manage, however to snag these little fossil beauties at a local thrift store for…. wait for it… $16.00 total! Woo Hoo!


So: some quick favorites!

This book .

This post (it’s about hair! Really easy beachy waves, to be specific).

This travel pillow for flying.

This park.

These jeans.


Happy Wednesday!

West Glacier, MT



Can we just talk about a beautiful place? My hubby and I just got back from Montana, and had the most wonderful time! I ate out a lot more than I should have, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here are just a few of the lovely pictures from the trip!



I was more fascinated by blue and purple rocks than I probably should have, but come on! How cool is that!?

100_0916And these are the cute little buses that live at the Lake McDonald lodge in Glacier National Park. How awesome are these!



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