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Month: April 2014

What’s In My Bag?

Now it is time to further astound and impress you with my lack of privacy by:

1) Putting myself out on the internet (see previous posts), and more immediately,

2)Showing you what is currently in my bag.

I remember trying to get into my mother’s purse for some change once, when I was about 13. I can’t really remember wanting anything previous to that time, so I don’t think I had run into this barricade before. So I just reached down and grabbed it while she was talking to one of her friends. She immediately slapped my hand and took her purse back. I have since learned it is not polite to look in your mother’s handbag (or anyone else’s, for that matter).

But admit it. You want to know. I know this because it’s quite a popular thing to search for, how to pack a suitcase, handy essentials, etc. My favorite blog also just did a post about this yesterday, and I was sort of bummed they got to this before I did. It’s like we were on the same wavelength.

We also read reviews of products all the time to see what’s worth our time to try out and our money to buy. This is like a mini-review, free of charge! Not just that-you’re getting an inside look at ME! Because, you always know a woman by what she carries in her purse, no? Let’s dig in.


Clockwise from top right: Camelbak water bottle for hydration. I’ve been trying to drink more water, and the easiest way to do that is carry it with you. My favorite water bottle is a Kor Aura, but since mine doesn’t fit in here at the moment… I got this lil guy.

A mini bag which contains: some Mellow Moments Stash tea, Equal, safety pins, hair ties, mini pocket knife, mini nail file, headphones, tweezers, compact mirror, gum, fragrance samples,Tide-to-go-pen, Origins Peace of Mind ™ headache cream, EOS lotion, blotting paper and some concealer.

A book (Yes, I am actually reading this-it’s a favorite of mine. Man of la Mancha is also one of my favorite movies),

Blue Q Painkillers tin since I always carry Asprin, Tylenol, Dramamine, and Pepto tablets (normally there’s some other herbal tea in there as well).

Pentax Q for photos since I’ve been trying to take more memories captive. Sounds intriguing when said that way, huh? This blog will probably help me use it more.

Vinnie’s tampon case (WAHT?! They’re good to have around! I also keep tissues or Summer’s Eve Towelettes in case the fine establishment I’m visiting has a general lack of toilet paper in my stall). Moving on….

Fossil Sydney Satchel- the hardware for the strap broke, so now it’s just a hand carry bag 🙁

Fossil Sydney Multifunction Wallet-the zipper also runs, so if you have any cute bag or wallet recommendations, I might have to make an exchange soon. Bah.

Target sunnies,

Cinderella phone case (from my mommy) and I have an iPhone.

Jouer Lipgloss in wind, and Lip enhancer (my favorite lippies).

AND…. last but not least, a notebook and pen for all my inspired ideas.

I also just noticed it all matches, so I must like carrying things in the same general color. Nice.

Well, now time for you all to dig into yours. A little version of spring cleaning maybe? I’d love to hear about a few staples that you carry!


Puppy Time!


Have you ever seen two more adorable faces?  I just had to share them, they’re sitting here while I’m working on my latest project, and I’m so thankful to have these little cuties. It’s a little chilly outside, and so they’re cuddling.

Here are a few more to brighten your day:






Sock Inspiration


So, one of the things I thought would be a great idea-was knitting socks. Most of you know that I have crocheted (almost) my whole life, and don’t knit. AT ALL. But I decided to grab life by it’s knitted horns and do this. How hard is it? Knit, purl, knit, purl, right?

Well, let me just tell you. I’m stuck. Very Stuck. I don’t know for the life of me what a “gusset” is, or how to “turn a heel.” Where do you learn this? I picked up the easiest book in Michael’s for knitting-but apparently it doesn’t describe how to do some of the more basic stitches, which are not described in my beautifully illustrated Learn to Knit, Love to Knit book.

So I decided to read For Women Only instead. Brad and I got the set of two our first year of marriage, and when he read For Men Only, it inspired some great conversations between us about our expectations of marriage and our goals. I’m really glad he read it. But as for me, I decided to table it. I thought I already knew lots about men, being very familiar and growing up in church, we’d talked in depth about that sort of thing. But I’m so glad I took the time to read this. About half of it was the material I was familiarized with in church, the other was a whole new perspective in how men think about commitment, marriage, and love.  Well worth the read, I think. I would highly suggest the boxed set as a gift for the brides and grooms in the coming months!

Monument Valley

You know those games that just grab ahold of you until you finish them? Beautifully made games do that for me. I’ve found that the prettier a game is, the more each level intrigues me. I have found that with Monument Valley.


It is an MC Escher style game, you you constantly revolve your perspective to get to the next level. I have fallen in love with this beautiful piece of programming, and I’m sure you’ll find it’s just as easy for you to do.

Available on iTunes.

Hello World!


Breaking News: I am now a blogger!

Fair Warning: There will be many a picture of my puppies, makeup, crafty endeavors, and general mishaps. Thank you for taking the time to come see me!

I have started by blog up again in hopes of letting my family and friends know what I am up to in my life, and to let everyone else I don’t know see who I am and what I do! It’s a little bit of a risk putting myself out there on the internet, and I’m happy for your support and love.

Thank you!

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